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Please read the following message regarding our Tardy Policy

Due to the high amount of students that are tardy to school and class, we have impementated a new policy. As of November 5th, 2018, all students who are tardy to school, those who arrive after 8am, MUST be signed in by a parent! Any student who is tardy more than 3 times a month to school will serve in-school detention. It is very important that all students arrive on time so their teachers are able to take attendance accurately, and they do not miss any important work.
Also, any Middle School student that is tardy to class more than 3 times a week will serve in-school detention. Students are permitted 5 minutes in between each class switch to allow them to use the bathroom, socialize, and get to where they need to be. Our goal is to teach our students the importance of punctuality to prepare them for their successful careers.
We appreciate your cooperation and feel free to express any concerns with us!
Thank You,

BridgePrep of Osceola